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One TIME Difference

1. What makes One TIME protect wood more thoroughly than traditional sealers?
One TIME has 'layers' of protection because it penetrates and cures into the wood cells protecting the wood from the inside out. Sunlight attacks the surface of wood, which is where most other products reside which means their best protection can be lost in a year or two. However, it takes 'layers' of attacks – literally years – for sunlight to get all the way into the 'layers' of the One TIME protection.
2. Are there UV inhibitors in One TIME?
h Yes. Urethane and nanoparticles in One TIME are tremendous protectors against UV rays.
3. Is One TIME actually different from conventional wood stains and sealers?
Yes, One TIME is a proprietary acrylate resin blend that contains no water, no wax, no silicone, no oil and is VOC compliant. The resins are cured by natural sunlight and become part of the cellular structure of the wood. Your wood is better protected from the elements of weather because One TIME penetrates deeply and even cures into the wood cells protecting the wood from the inside out whereas most water based stains rest on the surface and can lose their effectiveness in a year or two. Conventional treatments typically contain water and/or solvents that can cause the wood's cellular structure to swell, then shrink as it dries, causing cracking. Water and solvents also dissipate quickly into the air. And because most wood treatments build up on the surface and eventually wash away, it becomes necessary to reseal the wood every one-to-two years.
4. Is One TIME comparable in cost to conventional treatments?
While the initial per gallon cost of One TIME is higher than conventional wood treatments, it is much less expensive over the long-term. One TIME covers 1½ times more square footage per gallon than most other products and as a result, less One TIME and less time and labor is needed to complete a project. In addition, because One TIME is applied only once every seven years, (versus every 1-2 years for conventional treatments), product cost and labor is significantly less.
5. What does the One TIME 7-year guarantee actually cover?
One TIME warrants that for 7 years its patented resin blend will help prevent water and salt damage and UV damage. If the product does not perform as described, the company will refund the price paid for the product or replace it with an equal amount of new product. It does not cover full color retention because in most cases about 10% color fade will occur each year.
6. Will the stain pigment last on my wood for seven years?
One TIME is still protecting the wood even as the color is fading. All other products do not protect the wood after the color is faded. Each year you should expect about 10% color fade. Also, One TIME Clear (Special Order) is available for the customer that wants the 7 year protection but desires to see the natural gray of the wood. There is no pigment in One TIME Clear.
7. Does One TIME peel?
One TIME does not peel, crack, chip or flake. No film build up! This makes it very easy to reapply.
8. Is it necessary to protect and finish a new exterior wood structure (e.g.,deck, log home fence, etc.)?
Yes, it is very necessary to protect outdoor wood. Both natural and pressure-treated lumber need to be properly protected in order to protect the wood from the damaging effects of the environment, including UV rays, fungus, rain, snow, humidity, etc. Left unprotected – or even improperly protected - outdoor wood can experience UV degradation, fungal growth, warping, cupping and/or splitting, all of which compromise the durability and life of the structure.

Application of One TIME on different woods

9. What kinds of outdoor surfaces can I apply One TIME?
One TIME can be used on virtually any type of wood that is used for outdoor projects, including: pine, fir, cypress, hemlock, douglas fir, mahogany, cedar, redwood, rough sawn cedar and exotic hardwoods.
10. Can I apply One TIME to smooth cedar and other new woods?
Mill glaze on smooth cedar wood will restrict One TIME from working properly. All mill glaze must be removed before applying One TIME. Sanding the wood and following up using a mill glaze remover may work to ensure all mill glaze is removed. Test a small area before applying the One TIME.One TIME can be applied on rough sawn cedar wood immediately.New pressure treated wood can have One TIME applied 2-4 weeks after installation. The wood needs to be dry enough so the One TIME can soak in.Redwood needs to be weathered for 6 months before applying One TIME. Redwood has tannins in the wood that may emit from the wood and can cause dark splotches on the surface. If you see the tannins before they harden you can just wipe off the wood.One TIME is the best application for exotic woods and can be applied immediately. We recommend using Red Cedar, Mahogany or Chestnut on cedar wood, rough sawn cedar and exotic woods.
11. How long does One TIME last on Ipe wood and other exotic hardwoods?
One TIME protects Ipe wood for 3 years and color will last for up to 2 years.

Tips for applying One TIME

12. What type of preparation is required before application? Can I apply One TIME on top of another product?
If a new wood surface is being protected, we recommend cleaning off any dirt, grime and contaminants before applying One TIME. Any dirt or stains not removed will be permanently sealed into the wood. If the wood surface has been previously treated with other products, it must be completely and successfully removed by using a quality stain and sealer remover like our One TIME Stain and Sealer Remover. One gallon of One TIME Stain and Sealer Remover normally covers about 150-200 square feet. Otherwise, the existing treatment may prohibit the penetration of One TIME and may cause the wood to feel tacky or it may not allow the One TIME to properly cure – or it may cure on the surface but not leave a good appearance. Always test a small area before completion of project. Note: Cover surrounding vegetation with plastic to protect it from any chemicals.
13. Do I get better results removing another product from my wood with a stain & sealer remover or sanding?
Removing another product with One TIME Stain & Sealer Remover is the best way to remove old product. Sanding is mostly a surface remover and often does not remove all of the old stain. Once again, always test a small area before completion of project.
14. Do I need to remove the ink stamps from the manufacturer?
Yes. One TIME is semi-transparent and you must remove the ink stamps or you will see them. Most people are successful removing the ink stamps with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Another option would be to sand them off.
15. There was never a stain or sealer applied on my deck. Can I clean my deck with bleach or purchase a deck cleaner?
You can clean your deck with diluted bleach or purchase a deck cleaner. It is not recommended to use full strength bleach to clean your wood. Bleach can leave a film on your wood and if the bleach is not rinsed completely it can cause the One TIME color to wash away so be sure to rinse your wood extremely well and remove any residue.
16. What about a deck, fence or any outdoor wood that has weathered and turned gray and there was never a stain or sealer ?
Clean the wood surface as mentioned above. Also, if you are skilled at power washing that helps remove the gray. If you see any “feathered” areas in your wood, lightly sand your wood before applying One TIME. One TIME will renew and protect weathered wood, recapturing its natural beauty and protecting it from damage.
17. I stripped the old stain from my wood and see “feathering”. What do I do?
You can remove any “feathered” areas in your wood with a light sanding after cleaning the wood and before applying One TIME. In the future you can apply One TIME over One TIME without sanding or stripping your wood.
18. How easy is it to apply One TIME?
Very easy. One TIME is a ONE COAT APPLICATION. Spread as far as it can go. More is not better. Spread out any puddles you may see on your deck floor when applying. One TIME does not cause overlap marks, run marks or drip marks. You can apply in hot and humid conditions as well as in direct sunlight.
19. What is my estimate coverage of One TIME?
The estimated coverage of One TIME for newer wood (smooth wood with minimal cracks and crevices) is up to 300 square feet per gallon. For older wood, coverage is estimated at up to 250 square feet per gallon. Applying One TIME on rough wood and wood shakes and wood shingles is is normally between 200 to 250 square feet per gallon. Less coverage when temperatures are above 85° Fahrenheit because One TIME will soak in very quickly.
20. What are the best temperatures to apply One TIME?
For best results, One TIME should be applied when temperatures range from 50° – 100° Fahrenheit. However, it can be applied in colder temperatures (down to 30°), but may take longer to cure. Freezing temperatures at night will not negatively affect the performance of One TIME. Store One TIME gallons or pails in a heated area to keep it warm before applying One TIME in colder temperatures.
21. How long do I wait to apply One TIME after cleaning my wood or after a rain storm?
You should wait at least 24 to 48 hours before applying One TIME on your wood after it has been wet.
22. How long must my wood stay dry after application of One TIME? I am concern about rain.
Your wood should be dry at least 24 hours after application of One TIME.
23. What kind of airless sprayer should I use?
We do not recommend one airless sprayer over another. Newer airless sprayers are made to spray water base products and One TIME is 100% solids and not water based. Make sure the sprayer is strong enough to spray One TIME without breaking down or burning out the motor.
25. How do I apply One TIME to decks, log homes, gazebos and etc.?
Apply one coat with a 1/4” or 3/8” roller, disposable brush, paint pad or an airless sprayer. You can use a painter's mitt for spindles and balusters.
26. Can One TIME be applied when a deck is covered with a roof ?
You can apply One TIME on open porches with a normal 8 foot roof. If a roof extends out farther than 8 feet get a piece of scrap wood, apply One TIME on the scrap wood and place the wood close to the house (or an area with the least amount of sun) to test for curing before you proceed.
27. How do I apply One TIME to furniture, crafts, etc?
Only apply ONE COAT. One TIME penetrates and spreads. You can apply with a brush, roller, rag, painter's mitt or staining pads. After application wipe off all excess One TIME.
28. Can I apply One TIME to my roof's wood shakes or my wood shingles.
Yes! One TIME is perfect for your roof. You can place a special order of One TIME Clear which has no color so the specs do not show up on the house when spraying. For wood shakes the coverage is 200-225 square feet per gallon and for wood shingles the coverage is up to 250 square feet per gallon.
29. How is One TIME on log homes?
Great, because it is a ONE coat application. Less is better. When applying One TIME on vertical surfaces and you see dripping that is telling you, you are over applying. You will never see run, drip or over lap marks. Since you can apply One TIME on top of One TIME you never will have to corn cob blast or strip your log home to reapply. Note: Darker colors have longer color life.
30. WHAT is the best kind of caulk and putty to use for my log home and filling in drill holes etc.?
The best kind of caulk and putty to use is a urethane base caulk or a urethane base putty. You can also use a good acrylic caulk or a good acrylic putty. Do not use a pure latex caulk or pure latex putty. One TIME tends to lift off of latex caulk or latex putty. You can apply One TIME before or after the caulk. You can put One TIME in the putty before it firms up. An acrylic latex caulk can be used after One TIME has cured completely. We recommend waiting two weeks after One TIME has cured when applying an acrylic latex caulk.

What to look for after application of One TIME.

31. How long does One TIME take to dry?
Unlike conventional treatments that dry on the surface, One TIME actually cures into the wood by both direct and indirect sunlight. Under overcast conditions, shade from the trees, 48 hours or longer is needed for curing. In direct sunlight, One TIME can cure in less than 48 hours. Also, One TIME does cure on the North side of a house. Cure time varies with the amount of sunlight.
32. What happens when One TIME is curing?
One TIME first cures on top then cures within. When One TIME is cured on top you can start walking on it. It takes about three weeks to cure within and in that time period it will continually lighten up very slightly each day as it cures. (Keep your animals off the wood before One TIME cures because it can cure with permanent animal prints. You would need to sand the area where there are prints then reapply One TIME.)
33. What may happen to wood after applying One TIME.
After applying One TIME, the wood may emit a whitish or yellowish substance from the knot areas. This is normal. Knots may be much lighter or darker than the rest of the wood.
34. How does unexpected rain affect One TIME?
One TIME starts penetrating into your wood immediately after you apply it. A drizzle or light rain will not affect One TIME. In rare instances a heavy rain may cause some streaks or water droplet marks and can splash on siding. These can normally be easily remedied by a light application before the One TIME has cured.
35. After applying One TIME, how do I clean my wood?
All exterior surfaces eventually get dirty. You may want to periodically clean your One TIME sealed wood with warm water and any mild cleaner or detergent. A deck brush or a garage broom can be used.
36. What if I do not finish the job in one day, do I clean my brushes, etc.?
When the application of One TIME takes more than one day, all that is needed is to place your brushes/rollers in a black plastic bag and you are ready to continue painting the next day, even if the next day is a week, month or even a year later.
37. How do I clean my brushes, rollers and electric sprayers after apply One TIME?
Clean any of the above with Concentrated Simple Green or mineral spirits.
38. What is the shelf life of One TIME?
The shelf life is indefinite. There is no skinning in the bottle. Store One TIME in the original labeled container. Storage temperatures should not range below 30 degrees Fahrenheit or above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

One TIME Colors

39. What kind of pigments are in One TIME for color?
We use quality Trans-oxide pigments to give color to the resin blend. Expect about 10% color fade each year. The color fades uniformly making it easy to rejuvenate the color within the 7 years. Just clean the wood and reapply; never again use harsh stain and sealer removers on the wood when using One TIME.
40. What colors does One TIME offer?
One TIME is currently available in six beautiful colors: Natural, Golden Honey, Red Cedar, Clove Brown, Mahogany and Chestnut. We suggest using One TIME's Red Cedar, Mahogany and Chestnut on any cedar, redwood, mahogany, douglas fir, rough sawn cedar and exotic
41. Can I order liquid samples for purchase?
Yes, One TIME is semi-transparent and the color looks different on different wood and even looks different from one board to another. The liquid samples can be order on our web or by calling 866-663-8463 to place an order.
42. Can I mix One TIME with One TIME?
Yes, you can create your own custom mix and mix One TIME with One TIME.
43. Can I add pigment to One TIME?
No, One TIME is unique and not compatible with other systems.
44. Will the stain color last on my wood for seven years?
One TIME is still protecting the wood even as the color is fading. Most other products do not protect the wood after the color is faded. Each year you should expect about 10% color fade. Also, One TIME Clear (Special Order) is available for the customer that wants the 7 year protection but desires to see the natural gray of the wood quickly. There is no pigment in One TIME Clear.
45. How do I rejuvenate color?
To rejuvenate color within the 7 years, just clean the wood and re-apply One TIME. You do not need to strip nor sand One TIME to reapply. Never strip again. You can apply One TIME on top of One TIME. One TIME protects your wood for 7 years. Normally, color will fade about 10% per year.