Different By Design

In the world of exterior wood treatments, One TIME stands alone. Thanks to its unique and proprietary acrylate resin blend, One TIME is the only stain and sealer capable of providing – and guaranteeing – long-term protection from deteriorating elements. Protection from rain and snow, from UV radiation and heat, from high humidity and freezing cold.

Because One TIME penetrates deep into the wood’s cellular structure and cures into the wood with natural sunlight, it CANNOT evaporate or wash away like other products that simply coat the wood surface. One TIME actually encapsulates the wood and protects it.

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Better Coverage

During application, One TIME spreads across and infiltrates deep into the wood, delivering 1 1/2  times the coverage of conventional treatments that simply coat the surface of the substrate.

In the case of newer wood (less than 5 years old), each gallon of One TIME will generally cover up to 300 square feet. Older and/or slightly damaged wood surfaces, each gallon of One TIME will generally cover up to 250 square feet per gallon. In both cases, One TIME delivers significantly more coverage per gallon than conventional treatments.

Better Performance

Because One TIME penetrates and is cured into the wood, it provides long-term protection. In fact, tests performed at Bond Distributing’s One TIME field-testing site, revealed no evidence of fungal growth, warping, cupping or splitting, even after eight years on outdoor wood structures.

Better Warranty

One TIME is the only exterior wood protector with a 7-year warranty, which is more than three times the length of most conventional treatments that carry only 1-2 year and/or “up to” warranties.

Better Value

While the initial per gallon cost of One TIME is higher than most conventional wood treatments, it is actually far less expensive over the long-term.

One TIME covers 1 1/2 times more square footage per gallon than other treatments, so less product is required to complete a project. In addition, One TIME is applied only once every seven years, versus once every 12-24 months for conventional treatments, again resulting in the need for less product and less labor per project.