Whether your applications are new or old wood, whether the wood is pressure treated or natural, whether the lumber is cedar, redwood, pine, fir, cumaru or any other wood type, One TIME is the only stain and sealer that guarantees maximum performance and protection for 7 years.

Extended Protection for Decks, Fences and More

One TIME was created by a professional contractor who specialized in the installation and care of exterior wood. His priority goal was to deliver a product that easily, effectively and efficiently protects your exterior wood investments– in any application, under any condition and in any location.

Endless Applications

From the sultry heat and humidity of Southern Louisiana to the brutal cold and snow of Northern Alaska, One TIME is protecting an endless array of exterior wood surfaces, including:
Decks, Railings, Benches, Arbors, Fence Posts, Panels, Rails, Finials, Siding, Trim, Shutters, Headers, Sheds, Chairs, Tables, Swing Sets, Bleachers, Park Benches, Picnic Tables, Shake and Wood Shingle Roofs, Cupolas, Manufactured and Handcrafted Log homes, Boat Docks, Boardwalks, Stairs, Trail Bridges




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