Why Are There Streaks When I Stain My Deck? Causes of Lap Marks.

Avoid Lap Marks

What are Lap Marks?

Lap marks occur when wet stain overlaps dry stain, creating an area with either higher gloss or darker shade. This is a permanent, and often irreversible problem that occurs with most water based stains. In the past, hardware stores carried oil based stains, which cleaned up and thin with mineral spirits; however, now there are water and gel stains which dry remarkably fast, and are hard to fix without stripping your deck


How Do We Avoid this?

The first way to avoid this occurring on your deck is by having two people applying the stain; one person actually putting down the stain,and the other removing excess. This makes the process more streamlined, and will increase your efficiency. Since lap marks only occur when wet stain meets dry stain, a quick application helps avoid the problem. But, as many of you I’m sure are thinking, what if it’s only one person applying it? 


The Easiest Way to Avoid Lap Marks

The easiest way to avoid lap marks is to purchase and use a stain that takes longer to dry. One TIME™ Wood Preservative takes time to cure into the wood, so it is the perfect stain to apply in this situation. By using One TIME™, not only are you saving money in the long run, but you are also saving time and frustration when it comes to lap marks! You can easily take a 15-minute break when applying One TIME™ with no fear. You can come back and continue to apply your stain as if you had never stopped. No lap marks AND 7-years of guaranteed* protection? What other stain can do that?


For more information on One TIME, click here. If you need to purchase more stain to re-seal your deck, click here. Finally, if you need to replace your old, worn stain with a much better stain (*cough* One TIME *cough*) buy our Stain & Sealer remover to get rid of the cheap stuff!


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*One TIME™ is covered by a limited 7-year warranty. For additional warranty information, or to file a claim, please call 1-866-One-TIME (866-663-8463)