Fireworks and so does One TIME™ Stain

Holidays are the perfect time to spend time on your newly stained deck.  Celebrating with family and friends during the summer months, and particularly around Independence Day are solid traditions for any deck owner. But, with a One TIME™ stained deck, you don’t need to worry about spills, heavy traffic, scrapes, or scuffs because not only does One TIME™ Stain provide beautiful color to your deck, it actually bonds with the wood of your deck to create an impenetrable seal that does more than just look great.  And should the unimaginable become imaginable, with One TIME™ you can simply REAPPLY new stain over the old. Not only will it repair any possible damage, you won’t have any lap marks where old and new product overlap.

So, break out the food and serve up your favorite beverages for the holiday.  Relax in the knowledge that the only fireworks you see will be in the sky and not from you or your guests if something should spill or drop onto your deck.  A quick wipe, or a wash down with water and mild detergent, will remove all evidence of any accident and you can go back to celebrating this great Country’s 241st Birthday!

What would any Fourth of July Celebration be without Watermelon?  And, what could be better than combining watermelon with our favorite outdoor beverage.  Here’s a deck-tested recipe for a cool, refreshing watermelon drink that can be made with, or without alcohol, for everyone at the party!

Makes 4 servings


(4) Four cups frozen, seedless watermelon (we recommend you freeze your watermelon in advance, but if your watermelon isn’t frozen, try it anyway; simply substitute ice for the water.  The texture will be a little more watery)

(1) One cup of water if using frozen watermelon, (1) One cup of ice if using fresh

(2-3) Two to Three tablespoons of lime juice

(1) One level tablespoon of sugar (if your watermelon is not already super sweet)

(1) One Ounce of White Rum (optional)

Fresh mint for garnish


Toss the watermelon, water/ice, lime juice, and sugar (if needed) in a blender.  Blend until smooth and pour into four glasses.  Mix in Rum if desired and garnish with fresh mint.

Repeat as necessary and have a very happy and safe Independence Day!


At One TIME™ we are passionate about developing and evolving exterior wood care products that not only enhance and protect our customers’ investments, but are also considerate of the global environment. This commitment to quality and care has resulted in steady growth and expansion that now includes distribution through hundreds of paint and hardware stores throughout North America.

For further information, visit us on the web at, or give us a call at 1-866-One-TIME (866-663-8463).  Thank you and enjoy the outdoors at least One TIME.