Whatever Your Outdoor Staining Project … Use One TIME, Every Time.

We all know that One TIME™ stain is the easiest to use, best protecting, longest warranty deck stain on the market at 7 years, but did you also know that it does a LOT more than decks? Whatever your outdoor wood protection needs, One TIME™ stain is the perfect choice for your application. For starters, let’s talk about railings and fences. Because One TIME™ stain cures with UV light and isn’t simply apply to dry, our stain has time to penetrate your wood’s pores and physically bond at a molecular level; forming an impenetrable seal. What this means for you as the customer is that One TIME™ is slower drying and won’t show lap marks where one brush stroke ends and another begins. And, for fences and railings and other vertical surfaces where our competitor’s stains might show brush and overlap marks, One TIME™ will give you the perfect finish every time! And, even better, One TIME™ stain has better coverage, so a single can covers more area than our competitor’s products saving you TIME and MONEY. Miss a spot? One TIME™ allows you to go back and reapply an area without leaving overlap marks.
But, One TIME™ stain’s versatility doesn’t stop there. The patented, unique formulation of One TIME is also test-proven as the ideal protection for manufactured and handcrafted log homes. Our formula is single coat with no drip, brush or overlap marks. Our formula penetrates deep and never forms a film, this allows the natural beauty of the wood to show through. It won’t crack, peel, flake or chip and someday, when you do need to re-stain (long after the warranty has expired), you won’t have to blast or strip because a new coat of One TIME™ can be applied right over the old one with the same, perfect results. That’s why professionals in the know choose our stain and no one else’s.
Have a boat dock, or marina? One-Time is an excellent choice for marine applications since our wood penetrating formula seals moisture out completely; unlike our competitor’s brands that simply sit on top and allow water and other microorganisms to get underneath once they chip, crack, peel or flake… problems you will NEVER have with One TIME™ stain. One TIME Wood Protector was expressly created to preserve wood through a unique process that is not only friendlier to the environment, but because it penetrates deep into the cellular structure of wood with a proprietary acrylate resin blend, it provides long-term protection from water and UV radiation, foot traffic, and other outdoor elements.
From the sultry heat and humidity of Southern Louisiana to the brutal cold and snow of Northern Alaska, One TIME is protecting an endless array of exterior wood surfaces, including: Decks, Railings, Benches, Arbors, Fence Posts, Panels, Rails, Finials, Siding, Trim, Shutters, Headers, Sheds, Chairs, Tables, Swing Sets, Bleachers, Park Benches, Picnic Tables, Shake and Wood Shingle Roofs, Cupolas, Manufactured and Handcrafted Log homes, Boat Docks, Boardwalks, Stairs, Trail Bridges.
And those are just the OUTDOOR applications. In another blog we will discuss the potential INDOOR applications for One TIME™ Wood Preservative; the only limitation being the necessity of UV lighting to cure and set the product. So, basically, if you can stain it OUTSIDE, there’s nothing on the inside that can’t be treated with One TIME™. Sounds like the answer to your staining needs is both One TIME™ and any time!
At One TIME™ we are passionate about developing and evolving exterior wood care products that not only enhance and protect our customers’ investments, but are also considerate of the global environment. This commitment to quality and care has resulted in steady growth and expansion that now includes distribution through hundreds of paint and hardware stores throughout North America.
For further information, visit us on the web at www.onetimewood.com, or give us a call at 1-866-One-TIME (866-663-8463). Thank you and enjoy the outdoors at least One TIME.