One TIME … It’s Not Just A Stain … It’s An Investment!


Now that you have prepped your deck and stained it with One TIME™ Stain, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Over the next several posts, this blog will explore not only ideas to improve your deck, but we will also explore ways to entertain and enjoy your new and enhanced outdoor space by yourself, with family or with friends as we move through the spring, summer and fall seasons.

The first step to enjoying your deck is figuring out how best to augment it with furniture and features designed to promote outdoor living and enhance the time you spend outside. To do that, you must ask yourselves, how do you envision using the space? Here are some thoughts that may help you to decide what features you may want to add to your deck:

A relaxation zone: Relaxation means different things to different people. Is it sitting outside with the beverage of your choice watching the sunrise or sunset? If that’s the case, then a small table with a couple of comfortable chairs might be the perfect choice for you. Add some candles or patio lighting and you can extend your enjoyment into the evening hours after the sun sets. Make sure the chairs are deep, soft and comfortable so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the weather reading a book, or chatting with a couple of family members or friends. If you want to entertain larger groups, then you may want to look towards a social area with outdoor benches, couches or chairs. Perhaps even a fire pit, or outdoor cocktail table would create the sort of gathering area and focal point where friends and family can gather and enjoy each other’s company; all while under the finest canopy Mother Nature can offer.

Outdoor entertainment: Sound and speakers are always a welcome addition to your favorite outdoor space. Whether it’s listening your favorite sporting events while also enjoying the great outdoors or, setting the mood with music to enhance your event, adding a discrete sound system, or simply running speakers from an indoor system can increase your enjoyment of your One TIME™ stained deck. The latest trends now even add outdoor televisions and movie screens to the mix though the hookups and mounting are often best left to only the best do-it-yourselfers and professionals. If you are going to add sound to your outdoor options, please be mindful of your neighbors and take into consideration not everyone’s musical tastes may be the same as yours.

 Outdoor beverages: are always a big hit and essential component of summer outdoor living. Whether those drinks contain alcohol or not, a small built in refrigerator or cooler or, even a complete outdoor wet bar can make your deck the place to be for your family, neighbors and friends. If you are going to offer outdoor beverages, it is always a good idea to have a trash receptacle for empties. The good news is, that if you have treated your deck with One TIME™ Stain, spills and liquids can’t penetrate your finish and will wash away with just a little water from a hose or sponge.

Outdoor cooking: Last, but not least by any means, is a way to feed your guests. Whether that is a simple grill placed on the deck, or a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, nothing makes your guests happier than arriving hungry and leaving satisfied! That, after all, is what outdoor living is all about, family, friends, drinks and food. Isn’t that why we make our decks look nice in the first place?

 So, we hope One TIME™ Stain has given you a few ideas about what features are most often associated with outdoor decks. As these blogs continue over the next few months, we will continue to explore and expand on some of these concepts and more; perhaps even mixing in a favorite food or drink recipe along the way. Our goal is to help you find new and enhanced ways to use your deck more and enjoy it more often when entertaining your family and friends. And, don’t worry about the added traffic these ideas may cause on your deck. One Time Stain is designed to color, enhance and protect your deck in just one application, so that you can spend more time enjoying your deck and less time preparing it.

 At One TIME™ we are passionate about developing and evolving exterior wood care products that not only enhance and protect our customers’ investments, but are also considerate of the global environment. This commitment to quality and care has resulted in steady growth and expansion that now includes distribution through hundreds of paint and hardware stores throughout North America.

 For further information, visit us on the web at, or give us a call at 1-866-One-TIME (866-663-8463). Thank you and enjoy the outdoors at least One TIME.