How To Maintain Your Stained Deck

How to Maintain a Beautiful Deck


After you have applied One TIME wood protector, allowed it to cure, and enjoyed its beauty for several years.  The time has come to make sure you properly clean and maintains your deck to ensure the lasting quality of the protectant.

This guide is going to be covering two basic approaches to maintaining your deck: seasonal cleaning, and reapplication. Both methods can be combined to lengthen the lasting quality of the stain.

One TIME gives seven years of protection, but many customers prefer to rejuvenate the color sooner.  We recommend cleaning the wood with a mild cleaner.  After you are finished, thoroughly rinse the cleaner, let the wood dry and then you can apply the One TIME to give the wood a fresh look. This will rejuvenate your deck and make it appear as it did when you first applied One TIME.


Seasonal Cleaning


Every year, we recommend you clean your deck in the spring when you are getting ready to start to use it.  Start by cleaning off any debris and then you can use a product like Oxyclean to help remove tough dirt areas or any mild detergent.  

If you have any green mold, do not fear, it can be taken care of as the fungus will not be absorbed into the wood because One TIME is protecting it. Green mold occurs from an accumulation of dirt and is not harmful to your deck or stain.

You wouldn’t refrain from washing your car for a year, right? Same applies for your deck.


Reapplication of One TIME


Within the 7 years, if you’d like to rejuvenate the color, simply clean off the wood, let it dry and reapply. One TIME will never need to be stripped with chemical strippers as other products.  Just apply One TIME over One TIME.
The next step is to simply continue to enjoy your beautiful deck, and clean it yearly.