Mild Detergents: What are Those?

What are Mild Detergents?

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One TIME Wood suggests using  mild detergents to clean your deck before re-application of the stain or while winterizing your deck, but many people wonder: what is a mild detergent? A mild detergent is typically a hand dish washing soap that only contains surfactants that dissolve dirt and grease as opposed to a soap that also contains builders, which would be classified as a moderately strong detergent. Popular “mild” detergents include brands such as Joy, Ivory, Dawn, and eco-friendly options such as Seventh Generation, Ecover, and Dishmate. There are many options, but which detergent is the right detergent?


Dawn dish soap is by and large the best of the mild detergents to use.  It is gentle enough to keep your finish on your deck, but strong enough to remove tough stains. Dawn dish soap has a variety of uses including cleaning oil from oil spills off of wildlife, and because of that, it makes perfect sense to clean your deck using it.

What Not to Use

Stay away from cleaners that have bleach and ammonia in them as they can damage the wood on your deck and potentially strip away the sealer, exposing it to all of the harsh environmental effects that you sealed it to avoid. Plus, detergents with those ingredients are not exactly environmentally friendly by any definition of the phrase.


While Dawn dish soap may be one of the best to use, there are also eco-friendly options that are available to use. Seventh Generation, Ecover, and Dishmate are all green approved and are safe options for your deck. For those of us who are eco-conscious, these are all great compliments to One TIME due to it being green approved as well. Want more information on these eco-friendly options? Click the following links: Seventh Generation, Ecover, Dishmate.


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