Winterize Now! 3-Steps to Winterize your Deck

For those of us in Northern states, winter is the time to store your outdoor furniture and begin the process of winterizing your deck for the harsh, hindering weather that is on its way shortly. For those who don’t know how, don’t worry! We here at One TIME are here to help. Here’s a quick 3-step guide to winterizing your deck!


1) Debris Clean-up

                After a beautiful, warm summer, it’s no surprise that your deck has debris from summer festivities. Whether that’s baked beans from family cookouts, or dirt from the shoes of small children running around on the deck, your deck needs a good cleaning. After you’ve taken potted plants and furniture off and stored it, use a broom to sweep loose debris from the deck. Once the loose debris is swept away, clean your deck with a mild detergent to remove the stains and anything else dried onto the wood. Once your deck is back to its original luster, it’s time to move on to the next step.


2) The Inspection

                Once you’ve cleaned your deck, now it’s time to inspect it for anything that may be a hazard, or anything that may become exacerbated by the winter weather. You should look for boards or screws/nails that may have become loosened or unscrewed, wobbly handrails, or anything that would make your deck unfit for usage the following summer. Once you’ve rectified any problems, you can move on to the next step.


3) Protect Your Deck

                If you haven’t already done so (which I hope you have since you’re on a deck stain company’s blog…) you need to stain and seal your deck ASAP before it can no longer be done! If you’re using One TIME, try to find a nice dry day to apply your color of choice (or no color if that’s your cup of tea!). When applying One TIME, make sure to spread the stain out as much as possible! One TIME spreads further than other stains, so make sure it isn’t pooling up or not spread enough. If you don’t, your deck will get a shiny finish and won’t be properly sealed due to One TIME’s proprietary acrylate resin formula. If you’ve already applied One TIME in the past, following these simple steps will also allow you to easily rejuvenate the color of your deck and make sure it lasts for many winters to come! Remember, if you’ve already used One TIME, you don’t need to strip your deck. Just apply another coat after you’ve followed the previous steps.


If you’ve followed these steps closely, then congratulations! Your deck is now ready for the upcoming season. For more information on One TIME, click here. If you need to purchase more stain to re-seal your deck, click here. Finally, if you need to replace your old, worn stain with a much better stain (*cough* One TIME *cough*) buy our Stain & Sealer remover to get rid of the cheap stuff!


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