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One TIME … It’s Not Just A Stain … It’s An Investment!

PREPPED AND STAINED. NOW WHAT? Now that you have prepped your deck and stained it with One TIME™ Stain, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Over the next several posts, this blog will explore not only ideas to improve your deck, but we will also explore ways […]

How To Maintain Your Stained Deck

How to Maintain a Beautiful Deck   After you have applied One TIME wood protector, allowed it to cure, and enjoyed its beauty for several years.  The time has come to make sure you properly clean and maintains your deck to ensure the lasting quality of the protectant. This guide is going to be covering […]

How To Protect Your Deck

Now that you’ve learned the four steps to prepping your deck you’re ready to apply One TIME. Applying One TIME is the most enjoyable part of the process as you’re enriching the beauty of your wood.  You’ll witness the incredible difference the high-quality One TIME will make on your prepped wood. Materials Needed to apply One […]

How To Prep Your Deck For Staining

Prepping your deck to be stained with One TIME is a simple process that, depending on the size of the area to be stained, can be accomplished in one afternoon. Whether you are experienced with staining decks or a complete novice, prepping your deck for One TIME is easily within your capabilities.    The importance […]